Brazil Arts World is currently engaged in number of projects:

Project Pé no Chão

    Where did I come from?  Where did my family come from?

Project Pé No Chão seeks to counter the loss of native culture that many young children of Brazilian descent face as a result of being raised in the United States.  Just as in the case of many other cultures involving families immigrating to the United States, Brazilian parents do not always have the time or resources to provide their children a rich and traditional presentation of their heritage.  Through first hand experience of Brazilian culture (arts, music, dance, drama) we hope to instill a sense of cultural identity which would otherwise fall by the wayside. 

In Brazil, the phrase "Pé No Chão" - translated literally as "Feet on the Ground" - has two meanings, which both contribute to its relevance.  First, it refers to being aware of your surroundings and being prepared for what may come.  Second, it is a phrase that comes up in many of the traditional dances which were danced not only barefoot, but also with the feet contributing an important part of the rhythm.

Currently, Project Pé No Chão consists of an educational program being offered to elementary schools in the greater Boston area.  Students not only practice traditional Brazilian music and dancing, but also learn about cultural history and identity. 

For more information, please contact Rosangela Santiago.

De onde eu vim?  De onde minha familia veio?

Projeto pé no chão é um programa que vai mostrar ao adolescente ou a criança a origem de sua familia através da arte. Dando a eles a oportunidade de conhecer a origem do seu povo, como sua comunidade foi construida e como a arte (principalmente a musica e a dança) teve um papel muito importante para a formação da identidade do seu povo. Atraves de danca, teatro e movimentos corporais, os estudantes vao aprender e vivenciar a história de seu povo. As aulas práticas serão enriquecidas com o estudo da história dessas danças.

O objetivo desse projeto é trazer a criança ou o adolescente para um ambiente de identificação cultural brasileira através da arte. O que trará aos estudantes a oportunidade de conhecer suas raizes culturais e desenvolver sua percepção critica a nivel individual e coletivo.

Para mais informações, entre em contato com Rosangela Santiago.

Project Noites Cariocas

Noites Cariocas is the first in a line of projects designed to bring the relatively unknown styles of Brazilian dancing to the public.  Specifically, Noites Cariocas seeks to introduce Samba de Gafieira, the type of dancing found at night in the bars and nightclubs, or "gafieiras" of Rio de Janeiro.  There's no question that the Boston area is culturally rich in terms of Brazilian music; Brazilian jazz, Bossa Nova and Samba are taught and performed widely in the area.  The addition of dancing, however, brings the community a greater understanding and appreciation of the total culture.

We are bringing celebrated Samba de Gafieira, Salsa and Zouk dancer Patrick Carvalho to Boston for a series of classes, workshops and shows during the months of May and June.  Patrick is an internationally renowned dance teacher and performer, having travelled throughout Europe and the US, and having danced in the 2007 movie Brasileirinho.  In his native Rio de Janeiro, he runs a dance company and has performed with artists like Alcione and Marcelo Chocolate. More information can be found on the workshop page.

For more information, please contact Rosangela Santiago.